Help your customers save money - and reward yourself in the process.

You have a choice – and a responsibility – to a buyer or owner, and to your underwriting agency when scheduling inspections. Using SHP's InspectorForce System is the easiest part of the process, because it's the whole process.

Insurance agent benefits

Report with consistency, professionalism

Thanks to InspectorForce, crinkled paper, sketchy handwriting, and double-exposed polaroid photos will no longer threaten or delay inspections you've ordered for underwriter review. Inspectors complete and submit standard forms for common insurance-based property inspections, four-point, roof condition, and wind mitigation via Apple or Android-model mobile device. Forget the clipboard!

Quick turnaround

Using the InspectorForce System allows you to have access to completed reports from the moment of submission. You can review the accuracy and thoroughness of each section, working in tandem with the inspector and the underwriting agency in real time.

Use your inspectors you know or choose from the InspectorForce network

You might have a preferred inspector you rely on to examine your clients' businesses and homes. But what happens when he's unavailable and you have an inspection to schedule? That's where InspectorForce can help. You can easily search the database for an inspector nearby who is ready to go at the date and time you have in mind.

SHP - an experienced partner

We know insurance and inspections - we've been on both sides of the table. InspectorForce's network of inspection experts is backed by SafeHome Professionals (SHP), a New Smyrna Beach-based company built on decades of combined expertise in adjustments, insurance-related inspections, and general construction.

Schedule inspections, get rewarded

With SHP's InspectorForce, you really do get what you give! For every inspection referral you dispatch through Inspector Force, you can earn a $5 rewards credit toward Corporate Rewards. With over 400 popular retailers and restaurants participating, where and how to spend your reward is up to you.

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"As an agent struggling to retain customers looking for bargains in a down economy, I was losing as much 20% of my business a year. Working with SHP, I began promoting to customers that wind mitigation inspections could get them a great discount on their homeowners insurance. It worked – I'm only down by 5% this year! What a difference! SHP rocks!"
- Heather Cooley Clearwater, FL

"SHP, I just wanted to say thanks again for rewarding me with a Multi-Merchant Am Ex gift card for ordering inspections through your system. I just went out to dinner at Morton's Steak House, paid for basically just for doing my job. I'm looking forward to more of the same!"
- Mark Schwartz - Maitland, FL

SHP for insurance agents

  • Get access to completed reports when they're submitted.
  • Search the database for nearby inspectors.
  • Reports are standardized, consistent, and professional.
  • See an optimized view of the approval process.
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