SHP understands the inspection business from every angle - they should.

Envisioned by adjusters and construction professionals who know the business of insurance-based inspections, InspectorForce, brought to you by the Safe Home Professionals (SHP), was designed with you mind. Finally - a tool for you.

Inspector benefits

A promotional partner for qualified leads

Imagine a hub where qualified leads could be matched to you, instead of having to seek them out.

Software that streamlines your activities

InspectorForce improves the way your business operates by saving you time, money, and resources with a responsive program that lets you work onsite - and without homework.

A flexible software platform

What's great about InspectorForce is that you can use it anytime, anywhere! As long as you have access to your Android or Apple-model phone or tablets, you can create, perform, and submit an inspection on-the-go - form and camera at your fingertips.

Address QA concerns quickly and collaboratively

Using the InspectorForce System allows you to have access to your reports from the moment of submission. Should any issue arise, you can review each section for clarity and compliance - in tandem with the both the insurance agent and the underwriting firm - in real time.

Quality assurance training

Interested in signing up with InspectorForce, but aren't sure you have what it takes? As long as you have at least 2 years of relevant industry experience in the fields of home inspection or construction, or current licensure as an architect, general contractor or engineer, SHP wants to meet you!

Combine your background with SHP's expertise in both the realms of home inspection and insurance adjustments, as they help you to understand all the most important aspects of both businesses. What's more is that agents and underwriters that sign up to use InspectorForce receive similar quality assurance training to help them to understand the finer points of home inspections. SHP will be your liaison in making sure everyone will be on the same page when it comes to knowing what to look for in the reports you submit.

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"I'm an inspector and I wanted a better way to promote my business. I went to work with SHP's network of inspectors and saw a real increase in my business."
–Jason Green Sarasota, FL

"For being an InspectorForce user, I'm not only getting more calls from local insurance agents and homeowners who need my services, but I'm starting to get rewards credits for each inspection I do. I'm planning to take my family out to dinner with my first rewards card. My wife and kids get to benefit from this as much as I do, and for that I'd like to say thanks for such a great system."
- John Hernandez Tampa, FL

SHP for inspectors

  • InspectorForce helps you get matched to qualified leads and promote yourself easily. It's like a social network for inspectors!
  • Saves you time, money, and resources.
  • Lets you work onsite and without having to bring work home.
  • InspectorForce allows you to have access to your reports from the moment of submission.

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