Safeguard your property. Save money. SHP can help you do both.

Whether you're a first time buyer or long-time resident, residential or commercial, home inspections are a necessity for property owners. You need comfort in knowing your home is structurally sound and financially secure when tested by nature and time.

Benefits for property owners

A network that connects you with inspectors ready to serve

Our certified, experienced and trained inspection experts know how to help you, and our system will show you who can serve you at a time convenient for you! Just use the search tool to reference your location and time needed, and we'll set up an inspector right away!

Only trained insurance professionals serve you

All SHP inspection contractors have, at a minimum, completed The State of Florida windstorm inspection certification program through the Department of Financial Resources, and many are licensed general contractors.

Knowledge is power - our reports help you save

Home inspections help buyers and residents alike make informed decisions. Knowing the condition of the characteristics above can empower a property owner to schedule necessary maintenance or invest in suggested improvements. Besides increasing your property's value with proof of proper care or repairs, you're more likely to reduce the cost of your insurability, since you'll be less likely to file a claim against your insurer. You'll see those savings with a comparatively lower premium.

Address QA concerns quickly and collaboratively

Using the InspectorForce System allows you to have access to your reports from the moment of submission. Should any issue arise, you can review each section for clarity and compliance - in tandem with the both the insurance agent and the underwriting firm - in real time.

Get your report back quickly

All reports are General Contractor certified and are scheduled within 24 hours of your request. Certifications are provided back to you via email and include photos as needed.

SHP is experienced - our clientele shows it

Providing insurance-related certifications for commercial and residential properties in the State of Florida for years, we've been in since 2005 and built upon Florida's mandated-need for quality home inspections, our company knows understands every aspect of the business.

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"SHP performed a wind mitigation inspection on my home in June, I just received a letter from my insurance company stating that I’m going to save over $800 per year for the next 5 years."
- Beverly Altwood Titusville, FL

"Safe Home Pros recently performed a four point re-inspection on my condo after the first inspection I submitted to my insurance agency was rejected for inconsistencies. I was frustrated and not prepared for another rejection. But Safe Home Pros came through with a thorough report, and submitted it to my agent in less than 48 hours! I'm happy to report that my rate dropped - I'm going to save about $1,400 year on my $200,000 home! Clearly, the inspection was very worthwhile. Thanks SHP!"
- Jack Lemond Tampa, FL

"SHP recently did a roof inspection on my home, which is about 10 years old. They caught some issues that would have cost me thousands more in eventual damage in comparison to a lower cost of repair. I wanted to say thank you."
- Dennis HJ Miller Orlando, FL

SHP for property owners

  • Work with certified, experienced, and trained inspection experts.
  • Utilize the search tool to reference your time and location and we'll set up an inspector right away!
  • All reports are General Contractor certified and are scheduled within 24 hours of your request.
  • Certifications are returned via email and include photos when applicable.

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